Say Cheesy! (ABC)

“General Hospital” Rundown for the week of February 10 – 14:

The stage was set for Valentine’s Day closing out a week of rescues, a big reveal and Julian doing the right thing, not to mention that it seems more has been cooking than just Valentine’s dinner in Port Charles. Who knew that the most intriguing bits might be a budding love triangle between Felix, Brad and Lucas?

Are you my mother?
Franco asked Heather and we wanted to know…many of us wanted to hear it was someone different. It wasn’t different, but Franco pretended it was. He proclaimed his love for Jason and professed that Alan Quartermaine was his father and Susan Moore was his mother. Heather never gave him anything and he won’t accept that she is his mother after his life was built on her lie. He and Carly could not get out of those catacombs fast enough but the scenes were fast and furious. Franco was Carly’s hero or would have been if Heather didn’t have an unlimited supply of weapons. Is there a gun and tackle shop on the shores of Spoon Island? It all ended up being very gripping and most fans who have been lukewarm themselves swayed toward supporting the mismatched couple…albeit for some, just a little bit.

Snug as a bug in a rug.
Maybe it was just the wig, but Scott and Luke’s little adventure was a bit more exciting than any that Luke had had with Laura and Tracy of late. They are quite the entertaining pair when thrown together in a scene and the scene of being locked up at Miscavige was a great diversion from the seriousness playing out in the catacombs under Wyndemere. With all the recent crime in Port Charles you’d think a missing D.A. wouldn’t go unnoticed. Does this mean we get to watch Luke and Scott put their thinking caps on to try and escape from the padded cell? Only time will tell, but it’s a sure bet it will have to be more creative than Robert and Anna escaping from Cassadine Island with chewing gum.

A lot of things hinge on circumstantial evidence down at the PCPD including Dr. Silas Clay’s current stint in lock-up. Seeing how Det. West was a big shot in the big city he came from, one would think that he had seen a lot of wills where people leave money to their spouses as a matter of course. If any real detective work were to happen, someone would have questioned Carly and realized that Luke was still missing and someone other than Heather was locked up at Miscavige. It could be Luke’s only hope since Tracy must have found better things to do after reporting him missing.

Current events.
Prince Nikolas appeared far behind the times this week. If he had spent more time with Spencer and had him searching for current events instead of for information on the Chupacabra, he might have been alerted to the fact sooner that crazy Heather Webber was loose on Spoon Island. He also could have saved a lot of time if he called the PCPD instead of walking the news there to Anna that Franco was spotted in the park and Heather was running around his island. He was savvy enough not to agree to give Britt any of Victor’s old junky Cassadine treasures at least.