Stuck on repeat.

A “General Hospital” flashback to 1996 introduces us to the second generation of the Spencer-Cassadine family war in Port Charles.

Here we go again. It’s not exactly child’s play to see a Spencer and a Cassadine go head to head and no one should expect other than what we’ve seen between Spence and Cam fighting over Emma given this third generation might be destined to partake in a war that had been reignited in 1996 when Lucky first learned of the existence of his brother Nikolas. There was a time when these two families were separated by a much larger body of water than it takes to get from Spoon Island to the mainland but a trip to save Lulu’s life brought Nikolas into the midst of Luke’s hatred for the Cassadine family who had done Laura wrong.

Prince Nikolas didn’t exactly fit in, and Lucky made no effort to accept him as his brother. Luke’s animosity had a lot to do with that and when he made Laura choose between her family and her Cassadine son, there was a lot for her to think about. Nikolas did a lot of thinking on his own as well which led him to the decision to escape the madness that was the Stefan, Luke and Laura matrix of mayhem. Without hesitation he was ready to leave town after saying goodbye to his baby sister Lulu when Lucky found him in the house. Lucky thought he was trying to take Lulu and a shoving match ensued. Lucky inadvertently struggled free from Nikolas, who lost his balance and fell down the stairs as Laura and Luke came home, followed by Stefan. He survived, but it was a long time before he was able to build a relationship with Laura or Lucky.

Before Nikolas was confronted by Lucky and suffered his fateful fall down the stairs he encountered someone in the catacombs of Wyndemere who was supportive of his decision to flee Port Charles. Do you remember who taunted him? Vote in’s Throwback Thursday Poll to tell us.