Goodbye. (ABC)

“General Hospital” Rundown for the week of January 27 –31:

This week was filled with crazy, crazier and craziest…and while someone denied themselves of unbridled passion with a former fling, another said goodbye to an old lover and close friend.

Scott…and Lucy!
They just couldn’t seem to help themselves. Maybe that was sexy. It seemed Scott must have found it sexy that Kevin turned in Franco to him for his love of Lucy. Oh, wait, that wasn’t a sexy feeling he had, that was a guilty feeling he had after almost getting caught in bed with Lucy. It was questionable if Lucy was having the same feelings of guilt though. Lucy and Scott seem to be the only two on the show who have something going on, especially now that Morgan and Ava were supposedly history. Many of the other relationships appeared to be running lukewarm.

Detective West and Lante.
It’s hard not to speculate who on earth this man was in relation to Dr. Silas Clay. There had to be a reason why he was so dead set on getting his man for this particular crime. As far as crimes go, this case was pretty cold and Anna truly had bigger fish to fry. Can they afford to have a rogue detective pursuing a twenty year old alleged crime? Plus he had time to comfort his new partner’s wife. He gave good advice to Lante though, and hopefully that will turn into one sour relationship that will sweeten up soon. Their discussion at the Floating Rib showed promise and it was the first time I felt Lulu connected with Dante since she returned from Cassadine Island.

If it wasn’t awkward enough that Silas told Sam that maybe Diane should represent him instead of Alexis, we had the pleasure of listening to his banter with Franco while both were in lockup at the PCPD. Ava’s exes had more in common than her. They had Kiki and the two of them somehow made her seem relevant. She wasn’t Morgan’s ex-wife, Ava’s daughter to manipulate, or Michael’s girlfriend. She was someone who believed in Franco, trusted that he wouldn’t harm Carly, and had a father to come to terms with who was kept from her by her estranged mother.

OCD vs. BLT.
Tina (guest star Chandra Wilson, “Gray’s Anatomy”) meeting Franco in Kevin’s office was a hoot and one could only imagine how much fun it would be to throw Heather in the mix. I think Tina could take her but Carly held her own after getting the lowdown on Heather’s fixation with BLTs. So Heather had daddy issues, as did Carly. The two kept finding things in common to bond over and it started to feel as if Heather didn’t want to harm Carly herself, but this is Heather we are talking about.

Setting aside the crazy moments had with the adults, there were even crazier moments with the kids. Cam, Spence and Emily set their sights on learning all they could about the Chupacabra living on Spoon Island. This was more exciting than the previous week’s attempt at a duel.