Don’t do my friend like that.

A “General Hospital” flashback to the early nineties has someone trying to save a friend from deceit in Port Charles.

Mac tried to go to bat for Kevin recently when he learned that Scott slept with Lucy. He was just trying to help a friend out in much the same way Lucy tried to help Scott out in 1993. A widowed Scott Baldwin fell on the radar of Katherine Bell (aka Katherine Crawford) when she approached him claiming to be Dominique’s long lost friend. Katherine was after some money and Scott was targeted for $250,000. Lucy was always one up on Katherine and made Katherine’s lover, Damian, her new acquaintance after Scott showed a romantic interest in Katherine.

Lucy and Damian worked together to reveal Katherine’s plan to steal away with Scott’s money to keep him from marrying her. Their meddling worked and Katherine was left waiting at the altar when Scott stood her up.

After Scott dumped Katherine, she moved on to her next target. Do you remember who it was? Vote in’s Throwback Thursday Poll to tell us.