Hospital baby drama.

A “General Hospital” flashback to the late sixties had someone leaving Port Charles to hide a pregnancy from a doctor.

Sabrina is spinning a web of deceit lately with the help of Carlos who is eager to spirit her away from Port Charles to keep her pregnancy from Patrick, similar to the drama that played out with two doctors and one nurse at the hospital in 1969.

A recently divorced Audrey March married Dr. Tom Brady in an effort to convince herself that she was no longer in love with her former husband Dr. Steve Hardy. When she couldn’t consummate the marriage, Tom raped her. Upon learning she was pregnant, Audrey fled town after suing Tom for divorce. She lived a duel life when she returned, traveling a distance to care for her son, whom she called Stevie, at a remote location while waiting for her divorce. When the truth came out, Audrey was unable to get the divorce she so desperately wanted. Tom dragged her back into his life and renamed their son Tommy Jr. He didn’t trust Audrey after all of her deceit and ended up kidnapping Tommy Jr. with the help of their babysitter, Florence Andrews.

At some point, Tommy Jr. was returned to Audrey by the babysitter. Do you remember why? Vote in’s Throwback Thursday Poll to tell us what event made Florence bring Tommy Jr. home.