Port Charles noir. (ABC)

“General Hospital” Rundown for the week of January 13 – 17:

It was a week where you didn’t know if you should laugh at misplaced lovers or shake your head at Port Charles’ Keystone cops, but it was all entertaining either way.

Franco, Carly, Heather, and the PCPD.
This storyline bounced around from being all feel good like the movie “Up” and then plunged to the depths of its own Port Charles noir crime film. First I must digress…when did Carly and Franco have a picture taken together as a couple? We must have missed the episode where surreal pop music played while they skipped through the park and ate ice cream cones before stopping at the mall to have their picture taken in a photo booth. Maybe Photoshop is the new Franco art medium. What an interesting couple they’ve become. Carly and Franco are such soul mates that he knew she didn’t write the letter. He was as sure of that as the PCPD was that he killed Carly. While the great detectives debated how the murder of Carly went down, Olivia stepped out of a 1950s commercial in a Barbara Billingsley dress to support Sonny. It is quite possible that Sonny’s dimples make it hard for her to leave his side resulting in her spotty attendance record at the Metro Court where she’s about as reliable as Carly’s new security system. There seemed to be a slim chance that the soap might air in black and white by the week’s end and turn into “Pleasantville.” No complaints, it was a pleasant viewing experience after all. By-the-book Dante spent a lot of time speculating how Franco killed not-dead-yet Carly. Michael tried to help but was afraid he couldn’t ask the right questions. He certainly does a good job of it when it comes to interrogating Morgan. Another pleasant occurrence was seeing Scott Baldwin more and now that AJ Quartermaine was recalling the night of Connie’s murder, perhaps we can look forward to Port Charles having a D.A. who’s as busy as the mob leaders.

Three men and a suitcase.
That had to be one of the most disturbing scenes on a soap opera…before the suitcase in Carly’s trunk was opened anyway. It was hard to tell if it was more Hitchcock-like or Godfather-like…definitely Godfather-like. “General Hospital” was playing up the possibility of a mob hit and it worked. Bryan Craig (Morgan), Chad Duell (Michael) and Dominic Zamprogna (Dante) were superb in that scene which was a big hit for such a small scene. As much fun to watch, even though they were not on the screen together, were Maurice Benard (Sonny) and William deVry (Julian). How can they not make this mob story appealing? It’s hard not to wonder why Julian doesn’t stick to his day job because it was obvious that he sells more papers than Sonny will ever sell coffee. Plus, none of his children are involved in the mob.

Two of a kind.
That’s exactly what I said last week, except Carly thinks it was because her and Heather are both moms who love their boys. Heather had jumped the rails so it was hard for Carly to connect with Heather’s human side. Laura Wright (Carly) and Robin Mattson (Heather) were great to watch together and as crazy as this story has seemed, one might care what happens to both characters for the great acting these two are doing.