One good murder deserves another.

A flashback to 2002 Port Charles shows us how common it is to be framed on “General Hospital.”

Carly begged for her life and claimed that she and Heather were two of a kind recently, while the same comparison could be made of Heather to Scott. Not only has Heather framed others for murder, Scott had done similar in the past when Rick Webber met his demise and Scott framed Luke in 2002.

Laura was a mess when she came home to Port Charles and thought she remembered something that happened long ago. The more she remembered the more she fell apart. Something snapped and Rick Webber turned up dead after Laura remembered killing Theresa Carter who was having an affair with Rick. Theresa’s death was an accident that occurred when Laura tried to protect herself from getting hurt. Scott took advantage of Laura’s deteriorating mental state when this hidden part of her past resurfaced. He was convincing enough to get Luke to believe that Laura was capable of murder again after Rick turned up dead following his efforts to suppress Laura’s memory like he did after she killed Theresa. Scott got Luke to confess to killing Rick by threatening to give up Laura, but Luke was just as creative as Scott and tricked him into punching him so he could escape prison and take off with Laura…a scene all too familiar for Scott.

Laura already had enough on her plate when she came home that year. Can you remember why she was in town? Vote in’s Throwback Thursday Poll to tell us what Laura was doing in Port Charles when she snapped.