Some secrets aren’t kept forever.

A flash back to 1998 finds an unexpected visitor in Port Charles exposing someone’s secret on “General Hospital.”

Poor Dr. Silas Clay suffered the fate of a part of his past being revealed this week but many in Port Charles have suffered a similar fate, including Carly when her true identity was revealed in 1998. Back when Carly was dead set on seeking revenge with her biological mother, Bobbie, by seducing Dr. Tony Jones, she probably didn’t have a care in the world. She blew into town with her deceased best friend’s name and manipulated her way into getting everything she wanted in the way of revenge. She used more than Tony to do so. Even though she befriended Jason Morgan, she found it in her heart to sleep with his alcoholic brother, A.J. Quartermaine. This only furthered her agenda when she ended up pregnant. Somewhere around this time while she was flitting through life after a tryst here and a tryst there, Carly’s adoptive mother, Virginia Benson, showed up and Carly’s true identity was revealed.

Virginia picked an inopportune time in Carly’s life to visit Port Charles. While there were many events that followed after Carly’s secret was revealed, there was one event she was dealing with when Virginia arrived.

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