A party at the wharf.

A flash back to 1982 finds Port Charles’ youth getting into trouble on “General Hospital” while trying to ring in the new year.

There aren’t many places for today’s Port Charles’ youth to hang out unless you count Kelly’s and the park. Back in the eighties, Rick Webber headed up an effort to clean up the Port Charles wharf where the Wharf Street Waterfront Clinic was. It included rebuilding the Sports Center which was a haven for kids that was unfortunately targeted by the undesirables of the town…namely Anthony Hand.

Before decorating began for the New Year’s Eve party, someone had Brian Phillips beat up. Rick was worried after Brian’s attack and decided to cancel the party. His adopted son Blackie Parrish had other ideas and made it known that the party would go on. The party didn’t go off without a hitch since the undesirables had no problem messing with the kids’ good time. Someone swapped out Blackie’s punch ingredients for spiked versions and unbeknownst to him he was serving minors alcohol. At some point in the evening the party was finally broken up, but not before there were some very inebriated teens who caused Blackie to earn a trip to the police department.

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