A Port Charles filled with Christmas spirit.

A flashback to 2004 finds many in Port Charles rising to the challenge of spreading holiday cheer while struggling through their personal troubles on “General Hospital.”

Recently, Duke was busy partaking in the Christmas Eve celebration at the Scorpio-Drake residence while Sonny dealt with the fallout after a mob shootout despite family being the center of his life. In 2004, Sonny’s family prepared to celebrate the baptism of Kristina who had survived an illness via the use of stem cells from Sonny and Sam’s stillborn daughter.

General Hospital was abuzz in its own holiday celebrations with young couples stealing kisses under the mistletoe, a visit from Santa (Carly’s dad, prosecutor John Durant), and the traditional Quartermaine reading of the Christmas Story by Alan. Meanwhile, Sonny tried to gather his family together during a snow storm. Ric and Alexis were stranded in a cabin after getting lost looking for a Christmas tree. Carly was just being discharged from the hospital. Courtney was sleeping over at Jason’s. At the point that nearly everybody was together for the ceremony, Sam arrived with Sonny’s dad after previously giving Courtney the christening gown originally meant for her baby. Later, Jason comforted Emily when she arrived to the church to pray after Nikolas was taken to Pentonville for the murder of Helena.

Kristina’s baptism nearly went off without a hitch. Alexis had one bone of contention with Sonny though and made a change before the start of the ceremony. Do you remember what Alexis had a problem with that Sonny had to address before the start of the ceremony? Vote in Soaps.com’s Throwback Thursday Poll to tell us.