I am my mother’s son…

A flash back to 1981 shows “General Hospital” fans a startling parallel between a past mother and daughter relationship to a current mother and son relationship in Port Charles.

Franco’s had a lot to obsess over lately, like how his mother Heather Webber is a psycho and it’s possible he might be one too. It’s funny how Heather used to think the same way about her mother, Alice Grant…and vice versa.

In 1981, Scott Baldwin got Alice off on a murder rap for killing Diana Taylor. It was deemed an accident, and Alice only killed Diana to save her daughter Heather. Previously, Diana had tried to woo Jeff Webber in an attempt to keep him away from his latest love interest, Anne Logan. Her motive was driven by a message her late husband Peter left her before he died that P.J. was Steven Lars. Knowing that she could lose P.J. had driven her mad enough into wanting Heather dead. Alice couldn’t have that and the unfortunate murder happened that was further used by Heather to frame Anne. Port Charles’ finest finally got their murderer when they got Alice but Scott saved the day.

After receiving her freedom, Alice was set on leaving Port Charles for Nevada to be with Jeff and to escape the shame of what she had done. She knew Heather would never understand her own sickness and would continue to hide it from herself and others to get what she wanted. This made Alice fearful of Heather, but then again, who wasn’t? Quite a few people didn’t want Alice to leave. Do you remember who finally convinced her to stay? Vote in Soaps.com’s Throwback Thursday Poll to tell us.