Just when you think it’s time to move on…

A flashback to 1996 promises a classic moment in Port Charles’ history perfect for this week’s “General Hospital” Throwback Thursday which features the return of another presumed-dead wife.

Patrick and Sabrina’s wedding was not the only nuptial event burdened with drama. In similar fashion, one of Brenda’s many weddings saw the return of Jasper Jax’s dead wife, Miranda, brought about by the manipulation of Sonny.

In 1996, Brenda and Jax wanted to share their love for one another with their friends and family. A wedding was planned despite the fact that the couple had already tied the knot. Having information that Sonny believed Brenda needed to know, he crashed the newlywed’s wedding with Jax’s presumed-dead wife on his arm. Jax was stunned as much as Brenda was annoyed. Before they could publicly tie the knot, Jax chased after Miranda for a reunion while Brenda argued with Sonny. It took but a second for her to see a close moment between the two and get rattled. Sonny never trusted Jax but admitted that Jax’s father was responsible for keeping the fact that Miranda was live a secret.

As all weddings do in Port Charles, there was a dramatic end to the event. Vote in our Throwback Thursday “General Hospital” poll to tell us how Jax and Brenda’s wedding officially ended before the wedding party could regroup for the couple to exchange their vows.