Wyndemere reunion. (ABC)

“General Hospital” Rundown for the week of November 25 – 27:

This week was short, suspenseful and oh so sweet.

“I am Asian.”
Hear Brad roar. He really thinks Felix is that much of a prize that he needed to threaten The Britch. It was hard to tell if he was upset that the child didn’t look like him or if he really cared enough for Felix’s friend Sabrina. It seemed more like he wanted to score hero points again. Britt on the other hand was looking out for someone else instead of herself for a change. She was concerned over the life and death matters that Robin was facing…or maybe it was Nikolas that made her concerned. Whatever was going on between Brad and Britt, I loved it. These two characters have grown so much, and that is not to say it is because they are wonderful individuals, but that they are an integral part to the show and bring much to the table. The hospital itself had seemed limited in characters and it is starting to feel as robust as it did back in the old days.

She was back again. Even brief Epiphany moments are better than none. There apparently was a back story viewers were not entirely privy to of Patrick’s bachelor party. Elizabeth’s antics were the highlights and who knew…Epiphany was there recording the moment for posterity’s sake. Well, maybe not. She promised to delete it after entertaining friends at the wedding. Here’s to hoping that ABC has a video to share of the event before Epiphany deletes it from her phone.

Time to move out.
If you thought Lulu living with Milo was awkward for anybody, try Ellie living with Maxie. Their lives couldn’t be more diametrically opposed than they were when Ellie first moved in. Ellie may spend more time at the penthouse with Spinelli, but maybe it is a good idea for her to move on. Maybe she and Spinelli could find an apartment in Lulu and Dante’s building and make things more awkward but entertaining to the viewers.