“I didn’t shoot her.”

From 1988, the “General Hospital” Throwback Thursday features a hotel shooting with a shooter claiming they didn’t do it.

AJ Quartermaine’s trial began in Port Charles and on day one D.A. Scott Baldwin produced enough damning evidence that could put AJ away for a crime he doesn’t remember committing. It was 25 years ago that Anna pointed a gun at Olivia Jerome with the intent to watch her squirm.

In 1988, Anna confronted Olivia at the Port Charles Hotel when their argument turned ugly and a struggle broke out between the two of them. Meanwhile, outside on the balcony, Julian struggled with Cheryl when he found her pointing a gun at Olivia through the window. Robert and Sean had arrived at the hotel while searching for Anna when they heard gunfire ring out. Duke had already found her and was standing by her side when Robert and Sean busted into the room. It looked bad for Anna who only said, “Someone shot Olivia,” before she dropped her gun on the floor. She wasn’t happy with Robert when he wouldn’t listen to her denial that she shot anyone.

Anna had good reason to visit Olivia that fateful night. Vote in Soaps.com’s Throwback Thursday “General Hospital” poll to tell us what motive Anna had for wanting Olivia dead.