I killed who? (ABC)

“General Hospital” Rundown for the week of November 11 – 15:

This week everyone went to bed dazed and confused only to wake up pretty much the same, the baby war got mean and ugly, and we were reminded Patrick’s engaged.

The opening closes.
There is a hell for striped paintings and it is the Jerome Gallery. If you’ve never wanted to see a striped painting in your life, here’s to hoping that you never will again after nearly a week where half of Port Charles congregated around Heather’s art. Perhaps the powers that be will ship them off to the Miscavige Institute for the Criminally Insane and keep Kelly’s walls immune from them…even though Heather’s description of each may have made some of us hungry for a B.L.T.

Heather’s baby daddy.
It was too shocking to absorb last Friday, but there it was. Heather is Franco’s mommy. If Franco didn’t have enough already to deal with over the loss of his creativity, now he had to absorb the repulsive truth that crazy Heather Webber is his mother. Personally, I didn’t think it was all bad and was accepting of the fact that Scott was being passed off as his father. So, Franco was dealt a double-whammy. There was a lot of speculation going around lately about who was old enough to be whose parent, child or lover. As a soap viewer, perceived age differences between characters are the first things to ignore, followed by how fast characters can transport themselves from Switzerland and Greece to Port Charles.

Patrick’s engaged.
This wasn’t so annoying until Sabrina started trying on dresses. Nothing against Sabrina, it was just that we know that Robin’s back. No matter how many feet Patrick has come to Robin in the last couple of weeks, it was never close enough to stop his impending wedding. How long will viewers have to endure the continued separation of Patrick and Robin?