Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

A “General Hospital” Throwback Thursday from early 1990 shows a different side of Lucy Coe.

Derek Wells made the big announcement in Port Charles recently that he is Julian Jerome in the flesh but not before manipulating the system and winning Scott Baldwin’s election for him in the process. Now he’s throwing around threats aimed at Scott’s good friend and ex-wife, Lucy Coe, who in the past has been known to make a few threats of her own.

In 1990, a few short months after the death of Victor Jerome, Lucy was still in possession of his prized diamonds. She had confiscated them from his person after his demise and had no intentions of giving them up. Lucy’s attempt to sell them was met with cynicism – they must have been hot, so no jeweler would touch them. Meanwhile, Victor’s aid Emil was busy sharing the news to someone that Lucy had the diamonds after he was unable to find them on Victor’s body that he retrieved and deposited back into the water where Lucy had dumped it with Alan’s help. The ‘someone’ that blabbermouth Emil told about Lucy stashing the diamonds swore revenge on Lucy. They even went so far as to kidnap Lucy but not before Lucy threatened this person to keep quite when Robert and Anna Devane were busy trying to solve the mystery.

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