A man with a plan.

This week’s “General Hospital” Throwback Thursday focuses on the introduction of Cesar Faison to Port Charles in 1990.

Cesar Faison stepped foot in Wyndemere recently with fondness for what used to be his domain because before Stefan and Nikolas Cassadine called Wyndemere home, Faison inhabited the mansion on Spoon Island. Originally an intended present for Ned Ashton’s fiancée, Dawn Winthrop, in 1989, Spoon Island soon became the home for Faison when he first came to live in Port Charles under the alias of P.K. Sinclair. Make no mistake; Faison wasn’t just looking for a place to retire to as an ex-agent.

In 1990, Faison wanted to fly under the radar and his reason for being in Port Charles was very much associated with Spoon Island but not for its capabilities to hide men and their dastardly deeds. He had already been long acquainted with Anna Devane, Robert Scorpio and Sean Donely. Although not his original reason for taking up residence at Wyndemere, Anna soon became his intended target after he dallied in the abduction of Felicia Scorpio-Jones and tricked Scott Baldwin into selling him Wyndemere. His obsession with Anna was rekindled when he learned that she was Robin’s mother and his original reason for being on Spoon Island was almost forgotten.

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