Locked up and lonely.

The “General Hospital” Throwback Thursday this week is about Heather Webber and Scott Baldwin and one of Port Charles’ infamous crimes from 1983.

Recently, Scott Baldwin had the misfortune of running into Heather Webber. She wasted no time in getting reacquainted and snagging a passionate kiss after attempting to stab him. Heather always had a sweet spot for Scott for as far back as either of them could remember, especially in the early 80s when they were partners in crime against her cousin, Susan Moore.

After Susan’s affair with Alan Quartermaine was finally over, Heather suggested that Susan make a play for the Q fortune. Susan was more interested in the bottle until Scott Baldwin offered to represent her. Unbeknownst to her, Scott was in cahoots with Heather…everyone wanted a piece of the Quartermaine pie. It didn’t take long before Scott and Susan became an item. As unhappy as Heather was about their relationship, after Susan was awarded a trust fund for Jason, Heather ended up being listed as Jason’s guardian if anything should happen to Susan. An accident caused Susan to reconsider the chance of Heather controlling Jason’s money and she rushed Scotty to the altar to fix that. Heather wasn’t less sweet on Scott but Scott was mostly interested in Susan’s money.

Susan was involved in dirty deeds of her own, mainly, blackmailing the Quartermaines with the information that Lila was still married to her first husband, Crane Tolliver. It wasn’t long before Susan was dead and Scott was locked up in jail with Heather remembering how lonely a place jail was.

There were a lot of people who wanted Susan dead when she finally met her demise. Scott was hardly a grieving husband and cautioned Heather during her visits to not end up behind bars like him – when he had time to talk between passionate kisses across the prison bars. Scott was just a scapegoat and Robert Scorpio was on the case. Do you remember who shot Susan Moore? Vote in our Throwback Thursday “General Hospital” poll.