A big misunderstanding.

This “General Hospital” Throwback Thursday from 1989 features a surprised Lucy Coe, a disgruntled Victor Jerome, and a dangerous piece of jewelry.

Alexis and Sam rattled Lucy Coe this week when they asked her about her relationship with Victor Jerome in hopes of connecting the dots in the Julian Jerome family tree to find a link to Ava. In October 1989, Lucy had the misfortune of becoming the center of attention of the mob boss. There were flowers, roses to be exact, and love letters, all of which were sent secretly. There was a considerable amount of surprise and fear in Lucy when she discovered that her admirer was Victor after he escaped from jail with plans to whisk her away from Port Charles via speedboat.

It was all too much for her and she tried to let the mob kingpin down as lightly as possible. Victor had a flare for the dramatic and declared that her rejection meant for him to swallow his heart. He grabbed the heart-shaped bejeweled pendant that he had custom made for her and attempted to swallow it. It probably was not his intent to die, but he did despite Lucy’s best efforts to revive him.

Lucy got by with a little help from a friend in Port Charles when it came time to dispose of Victor’s body. Do you remember who assisted Lucy when she dumped Victor’s body in the lake? Vote in Soaps.com’s “GH” poll and let us know.