Keeping it in the family.

This “General Hospital” Throwback Thursday meanders all the way back to 1986 for a peek at a bad disguise, a bit of blackmail, and one affair after another.

Cesar Faison has done a lot of crazy things for the love of Anna that made an impression on Dr. Liesl Obrecht whose love for him was unrequited as well. These two masters of disguise in Port Charles and abroad could not hold a candle to Alan Quartermaine who had to do things old school.

In 1986, Alan and Monica Quartermaine both were on a marathon run of extramarital affairs. Monica’s affair with Sean Donely during this time proved beneficial to the Quartermaines since they were interested in her obtaining business secrets from him. Monica mixed business with pleasure a little too much and strayed away from her main objective. Soon she was in love and the Quartermaines were in a predicament after losing their fortune and access to the mansion. Alan was determined to save his family and get revenge. He faked his own death with the intent to frame Monica’s lover for his demise. Alan got a good laugh from carrying out his plan when he presented himself in disguise dressed as a woman to Lila and Edward. It went downhill from there as Alan began a new life in another town with a new love interest and was expected to fake amnesia when Edward was ready to have him found out. That didn’t turn out to be a problem when he inadvertently fell before being called back to Port Charles and ended up with amnesia.

Back at home, Edward Quartermaine took care of blackmailing Donely to give back the Quartermaine fortune. He had help from an unusual suspect. Do you remember who? Vote in’s “GH” poll and let us know.