All for the love of a child.

This week’s Throwback Thursday from 1993 involves a baby, feuding couples, and lawyers.

Lulu and Dante wanted a baby so bad that they turned to Maxie as a surrogate who initially gave her own child to them as the ultimate sacrifice. Another friendship suffered a similar fate in 1993 when Bobbie and Dr. Tony Jones fought for custody over Lucas with Tiffany Hill-Donely. Tiffany was Lucas’ aunt, the sister of his biological mother. Unbeknownst to Tiffany’s sister Cheryl Stansbury, Tiffany had been trying to have a baby with her husband Sean Donely. Before dying from her illness, Cheryl videotaped her last will and testament. Thinking Tiffany did not want children, she left her son Lucas in the care of Bobbie and Tony who had cared for him at the beginning of his life. Tiffany was devastated. As much as Bobbie felt for her, she and Tony fought for custody with Scott Baldwin’s help. Tiffany suffered the greatest setback when her husband Sean withdrew as a petitioner and did not appear to testify for her.

Bobbie forgave Tiffany for all her accusations during the hearing accusing her of being an unfit mother. It could not take away Tiffany’s pain. She was left to endure her marriage falling apart and suffer the fate of the judge’s final decision. Vote in our poll to tell us why the judge awarded Lucas to Bobbie and Tony.