The more, the merrier.

In recent weeks, one of the most entertaining moments in Port Charles was when Kiki and Michael discovered Morgan between Ava’s sheets at the Metro Court. It’s no secret that these two couples aren’t the only couples in Port Charles with something to hide.

Like it or not, they are still family and there’s a good chance they’ll be thrown together in the future when the pain has passed. How fun would it be to pair up couples for a double date? Think about the couples with history, shared secrets, family tension, or a silent desire that perhaps even they are unaware of.

We’ll exclude Dante and Lulu with Spinelli and Maxie since any gathering between those two couples would require a fifth person for mediation. Ava and Morgan with Michael and Kiki won’t be happening anytime soon either but perhaps there’s still hope for an awkward Thanksgiving dinner. Vote for your favorite double date team that’s bound to entertain us.