Not a bad man.’s Throwback Thursday this week is from the spring of 1998 and features a previous kidnapping stint for Robin.

No one in Port Charles knows it yet, but Robin’s alive. She’s no stranger to being kidnapped at the hands of a desperate man. If history is any indication, this child of a former spy is likely to face a similar fate in the future, so Jerry Jacks may not be her last captor…but he certainly isn’t her first.

In early 1998, Tony Jones found a calling…he thought he could save Michael from Carly and her mob influences. After falling in love with Michael before his birth, Tony learned the truth, or half of it. Michael did not share the same blood type as Tony and this realization led Carly to confess that her baby was Jason’s. He wasn’t but it would work in a pinch. Tony would not accept that and planned on being Michael’s savior. He intended to whisk Michael away from Port Charles to start a new mob-free life. Unfortunately for him, he had to put his plan on the fast track when Robin Scorpio found him out. Tony didn’t think of himself as a bad man and tried to buy time but Robin got sick. He thought he’d have one more day to put his plan in motion but while he was getting her medications at the hospital she was discovered before his return.

Robin was lucky she was found and made it to the hospital in time for treatment despite being off her drug protocol for three days. Vote in our poll to tell us if you remember who found Robin.