It’s a small world after all.

Here’s a Throwback Thursday from the 90s that will leave you wondering about someone’s past associates in Puerto Rico.

Carlos Rivera arrived in Port Charles recently to rub elbows with a mobster formerly known as Julian Jerome but not before he tried to rekindle a love with someone who left him behind in Puerto Rico. Carlos Rivera isn’t the only one with ties to Puerto Rico.

In the mid-90s, Sonny found himself in Puerto Rico after he partnered with Lois and Brenda’s record label L&B to serve as security for their new artist, Miguel Morez. While Sonny was bonding with his new love interest Brenda, Miguel was reconnecting with the mother of his child, Lily Rivera, while searching for their son, Juan Santiago, who was given up for adoption. Sonny couldn’t get out of Port Charles without trouble following him. Although Miguel Morez was supposed to be under Frank’s protection, something went awry when Sonny hinted at leaving the mob and he found himself on the run from Frank with Brenda.

The last flight to Puerto Rico must have been filled with friends and family from Port Charles because many came out for Miguel’s concert. Someone in particular arrived to help Sonny escape with Brenda. Do you remember who? Vote in our poll to tell us.