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This week’s Throwback Thursday highlights the antics of Heather Webber getting sent to a sanitarium in 1981.

Heather Webber recently wanted a Kelly’s BLT bad and she went to the only person she could turn to in her time of need – Franco. Heather always had ways of escaping her prison and mental health facility confinement but there was a time when she actually made an effort to get committed.

In 1980, Heather had escaped Forest Hills to see Jeff Webber and often just to spy on others in Port Charles while posing as a nurse. In the following year, she was determined to return to the facility to hatch her next diabolical plan. She went out on a limb to make Rick and Lesley believe she suffered from hysteria. Her goal was for them to send her back to Forest Hills. Her efforts were rewarded. After being sent back, Heather worked out how she would kill Diana Taylor and frame Jeff’s last love interest, Anne Logan, for the murder. She had no idea that she would find Jeff in bed with Diana when she got there.

Although Heather made it back out of the sanitarium to carry out her plan, someone else beat her to the punch. Diana was dead when she got there. She attempted to frame Anne Logan anyway and wrote her name in Diana’s spilled blood. Try to remember who actually murdered Diana and vote in our poll.