You’re the father. You’re not the father.

Throwback Thursday this week flashes back to the summer of 1980 when Monica was playing Rick and Alan for fools over the paternity of AJ.

Dr. Britt Westbourne took the cake this week when she confessed Patrick wasn’t the father. In Port Charles though, she couldn’t measure up to the bad deeds of Dr. Monica Quartermaine when it comes to paternity secrets.

In August 1980, it was as hard to keep track of the true paternity of AJ Quartermaine as it was to keep track of whose divorces were still on. Alan was eager to divorce Monica so she could marry Rick but he changed his mind when he discovered he was really AJ’s father. Monica didn’t believe Alan would want to tarnish his reputation and didn’t expect much from his threats but he was set on revenge. He wanted custody of his son and wasn’t going to let Monica get away with her lying ways anymore. Unbeknownst to her, he planned to ruin her. Alan went out of his way to make her feel uncomfortable as she continued to protest that he was the father. He’d bring Edward for visits with baby AJ despite her concerns that he was putting pressure on her while they pretended to go through an amicable divorce.

Alan was no pushover and made it known that he was aware that AJ was indeed his publicly. Do you remember where Alan disclosed the truth that he was the father?