Get me to the church on time.

In reality, time isn’t what’s against Sonny. It’s usually his enemies or the law. How many times he’s made it to the wedding alt1r has had a lot to do with both over the years.

He may not have always walked away with a wife, but it didn’t stop him from trying. He’s had a myriad of reasons for seeking out wedded bliss including mob arranged marriages to keep the peace, his personal pursuit of happiness, or legal reasons to keep Carly from testifying. Two out of three of their marriages were legal maneuvers. Whether he’s walked away a married man or not, the circumstances surrounding his trips to the altar, or the events of the actual wedding days, have proved entertaining. The last was more disturbing if anything else. Sonny’s wedding to ghost Connie was his opening act for his considered attempt at suicide.

Which wedding day comes to mind when you think of Sonny Corinthos taking his marriage vows? Vote for the day that entertains, disgusts, or tears at your heartstrings.