Drink less, remember more.

Throwback Thursday this week snoops around the dark recesses of AJ Quartermaine’s mind and drudges up another forgotten moment from 1997.

AJ had a hard time remembering the events of the evening Connie Falconeri was shot. It’s no wonder since he fell off the wagon again. AJ is no stranger to forgotten moments instigated by alcohol. He may not be successful in a lot of things, but one thing he’s successful at is forgetting his troubles as well as his actions every time he partakes in the spirits.

In 1997 one of his most memorable forgotten moments was when he and Carly hooked up at Jake’s while they were both waiting for Jason. Carly was trying to forget her trouble of the day while AJ was reflecting on his own. Misery loves company when vodka is involved and AJ sweet-talked his way into company for the evening and what turned out to be more trouble than any man should have to handle in a lifetime. The two of them made love. Carly got pregnant then took her trouble home and tried to pass it off as someone else’s trouble in the hopes that AJ would forget their night of drunken passion. His indiscretion would later get the best of him when Carly tried to ensure he’d never remember their evening together by drugging him. She was determined to manipulate him into leaving Port Charles for rehab. AJ needed to be hypnotized to remember what happened and when he did he requested a DNA test in exchange for keeping Carly’s secret.

As much as AJ and Carly needed each other the night they hooked up, AJ tried to move on following his evening of drunken forgetfulness. He made an effort to get back together with one of his exes. Do you remember which one?