Credit: Stellar performance. (ABC)

“GH” Rundown for the week of August 26-30:

The top-notch performances on the show cannot be overstated. From Olivia’s stunning delivery of a devastated cousin in grief to Spin’s initial joy mixed with outrage after learning he was a father, everyone upped their game. AJ was pitch perfect as the hungover potential murder suspect with a sketchy memory and Sonny as the broken-hearted mobster bent on revenge. And of course, there was Michael to pick up everyone’s messy pieces. What a week of incredible confrontations.

Daddy duty.
Julian had quite a week himself. He doesn’t exactly seem the type to lose his cool over anything, but I guess realizing you impregnated someone years ago and now you are needed to save your grandchild’s life without anyone knowing who you really are would be a little stressful for anyone. Alexis’ come-hither looks and cleavage might make the transition easier. But what a juicy little web this weaves for Ava now that her niece is a rival for her true love’s affections. Bring on the layers GH writers!

Spin also became an insta-dad and, out of all the stellar performances, his was one of the best of the week. Heartbroken, shocked, excited, defeated – Spin nailed it all without losing who he is as a person. He was absolutely compelling to watch and showed us he can handle much deeper and darker storylines than computer hacking and relish spying. Please, please let us get to see him as a father too. The longing was practically radiating off of him as he looked through the glass at his daughter. And his confrontation with Maxie was everything we hoped it would be.

Wishful thinking.
It should be a requirement that any baby born at General Hospital has a mandatory DNA test, especially if people start claiming the baby as their own, drug induced or not. Lulu has not felt right for a while about Maxie’s attachment to the baby and it almost seems she’s too scared to find out the truth about why. “There has to be a reason she would say this baby is hers, and yours,” she said to Spin. You think?

Goodbye Connie.
First of all, if Sonny really wanted to help Connie shouldn’t he have been putting pressure on that gaping wound in her gut? Yikes. Then, full minutes went by before he called 911. Regardless, it was sad watching him say goodbye to Connie. She was his first love and their connection has been undeniable for years. But seriously, can there be some happiness for Sonny soon? Actually, the person who needs some happiness even more than Sonny is Olivia. Once again, her performance was impeccable. Back when Trey died, she was the one who brought emotion to his passing. She brought the same intensity to losing Connie. If someone dies in Port Charles and Olivia doesn’t grieve, did it really happen?