Here lies Connie Falconeri.

It’s been a fun and crazy ride but the time has come to say goodbye to Connie Falconeri. She was entertaining between bouts of snootiness, brief moments of endearment, and the sufferings of DID.

Who could forget her Christmas vacation with Sonny in Bensonhurst? There was the disturbing sight of her in ‘Kate’s’ wedding dress covered in blood between episodes of talking to her other identity in a mirror. A little bit more light-hearted was her quirky relationships with Todd Manning and Johnny Zacchara. Well, things didn’t turn out so well for Johnny, but he and Connie were quite the couple. Perhaps it was enjoyable the way she rubbed Carly the wrong way or was too competitive with Molly over her book.

Connie will be missed, but what will she be remembered for? Vote for what you’ll miss the most about Sonny’s girl from Bensonhurst.