Credit: Hot grandparents club. (ABC)

“GH” Rundown for the week of August 19-23:

It was all about stellar performances from the vets this week, and Anna led the pack as one pissed off cop. Luke and Laura finally brought some chemistry, Liz had some deep scenes, and pretty much the entire hot grandparents club got in some touching moments, especially Luke and Sonny’s brief stairway chat and Mac and Felicia’s vigil for Maxie – grab the tissues! Dante and Spin’s operating room moment was sweet too. But if we learned anything at all, it was that babies born in Port Charles with both parents aware and on board are as rare as a unicorn.

A lot of weird coincidences.
Like a caged animal, Britt began exhibiting her fear, but being super pregnant and handcuffed at PCPD might do that to you. When Anna laid out the scenario as she saw it, looping in Robin’s death, even Britt had to agree it didn’t look good for her. Anna taunted Britt like an experienced cat with a scared little mouse. Too bad Felix wasn’t a fly on the wall to see Britt sweat.

Obrecht’s skills.
Obrecht must be some kind of miracle worker, and it’s easy to see that her skills would be pretty lucrative on the black market, which would make her valuable to Faison even if he couldn’t give her his love. Obviously Holly, a skilled con artist, fell for it. Fingers crossed that when Obrecht and her own special brand of craziness pops up again she has Robin with her.

Finally some emotion! Maybe we had to wait until they were facing death, but Luke and Laura became that emotionally-connected couple we had hoped for when she first returned to Port Charles. Maybe Holly brought out that bit of jealousy in Laura, but it worked.

Kiki always looks like she just smelled something awful when she’s talking to Morgan, and you would think the stink eye would be enough to put him off, but nope. By the time Carly showed up to the luau we couldn’t wait to see what she was going to unload on him, but she actually took the concerned mother tack. The walls were closing in on Morgan, and Kiki probably won’t be his for much longer.