Friends and enemies.

This week’s Throwback Thursday revisits the start of a friendship in 1994 between two men who could have easily become enemies…

Upon returning to Port Charles to support Lulu during Maxie’s delivery at GH, Luke paused a moment to ask Sonny for the favor of his protection over their shared grandchild if something should happen to him. It wasn’t the first time Sonny looked out for Luke. In the winter of 1994 Sonny had already worked a number of jobs with Luke for mob kingpin Frank Smith. Unfortunately, the job to spring Smith from prison was to be Luke’s last.

Smith had planned that after the job was done, Luke was to be killed. Sonny had his reservations and argued with Frank about what a waste it would be for Smith’s organization. Smith blamed Luke for his thirteen year prison sentence and cared only about revenge. Before the job Sonny warned Luke to keep his guard up around Smith knowing there’d be trouble later. There was and it involved Smith using Laura as a shield to escape from Luke who would have killed him otherwise. He let her go after making it to the getaway vehicle leaving her to plan a way to get back at him with Luke and leaving Luke and Sonny to plan Smith’s future demise. Sonny and Luke’s friendship was sealed.

Frank Smith may have wanted Luke dead, but for some reason he directed Sonny to protect Laura and Lucky while Lucky was in the hospital after being shot. Vote and tell us if you remember why.