I like being a spy.

Holly and Luke scored big time in their pursuit of information when they found Sean Donely in Ireland. It didn’t take long for them to bond and for Luke to pledge allegiance to find a cure for the two of them.

This wasn’t their first meeting. In 1984 Robert Scorpio pulled some strings to help Luke out when he was running from the law with murder charges hanging over his head. Robert had Luke call on his former WSB boss, Sean Donely, for help. Sean didn’t prove helpful to Luke or Robert as he was interested in something they were after. The former spy was bored and longed to pursue adventure as he had before. Unfortunately his pursuit nearly cost him a friend when he believed he killed Robert. All was not lost, Robert turned up alive and Sean took his arrest like a man.

Vote and share your knowledge of Sean’s past in Port Charles. What was he after when he retreated back to his days of espionage?