Credit: Self destruction in progress. (ABC)

“GH” Rundown for the week of August 5-9:

The first part of the week was a delicious setup for the fallout that came the last few days after the front-page story about Kiki’s non-Q-ness darkened doorsteps all over town. From there, it didn’t take long for selfishness and desperation to set in for quite a few people in Port Charles in a way that was so unflattering more than a few downfalls are in order.

What isn’t wrong about Morgan? He is really racking up the intolerable points and is so immature and selfish it’s hard to see anything redeeming about him at all. When he made Alice cut her big night short when she was finally getting a little bit of shine – just to serve him and Kiki for all of two seconds – was the ultimate low. Ugh! I guess, if anything, he leaves us yelling at the screen, so boring it isn’t. Still, there is something so disgusting about his rush to get Kiki to the altar that goes beyond typical spoiled kid antics. It speaks to a total lack of respect for her as a person and reduces her to a thing he thinks he deserves to have.

Connie happened.
Connie’s headline maker on the front page did more to shake up Sonny than vampires and poisoned water supplies combined. When she went against his wishes she took a stand against what makes Sonny tick – expecting loyalty from those in his inner circle at all costs. Sonny knew what he was doing was wrong but insisted Connie go along with it for the sake of the family. Really, it was just a desperate attempt to buy Morgan’s love, and now that Connie called him on it, everyone will have to pay. Except Olivia – she is in prime position to get everything she wants. Sonny comes crying to her, laying all the blame at Connie’s feet, all the while keeping the real reason he was mad at Connie for printing the story to himself. Sonny is wrong and he knows it.

In fact, everyone’s outrage at the story about Kiki’s parentage being made public is in itself outrageous. The truth is the truth people!