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“GH” Rundown for the week of July 29 – August 2:

Finally some new mobsters in town! Ava is indeed a Jerome, and was joined by thought-dead brother Julian who has more ties to the townies than ever imaginable. Friday’s episode was a total shot in the arm, weaving all kinds of storylines together, answering tons of questions – hello Sam’s dad? – and upping the ante on everything.

Morgan’s big mouth.
How convenient. Connie needed a scoop to save her publishing holdings, and Morgan delivered a great, big juicy one, literally right at her doorstep. Morgan has one of the biggest mouths in town, and paired with his uncanny ability to overhear the most incriminating conversations, he is a total liability to just about everyone, especially himself. On top of that, Morgan is a spoiled, entitled brat who expects to get whatever he wants no matter want, asking Sonny to just “let him have” Kiki and keep his secret. And Sonny agreed! Ugh! That was more about him proving his love to Morgan than doing what would really prove his love and help him reveal the truth to the woman he is supposed to love. When Sonny was making that deal with Morgan he didn’t even consider how Michael will react when he finds out he lied to him, willing to give up one son’s happiness for the other’s. And Morgan rubbing his engagement in Michael’s face, demanding congratulations was so disgusting. He deserves for all this to blow up in his face. Sonny should just look at Connie going with the story as an easy out from a stupid commitment.

Carly’s guys.
First up it was breakfast with Michael, and the shock of hearing about his attraction to his cousin Kiki really put Carly off those huevos rancheros. Then it was off to Sonny’s to bang her head against the wall about the impending nuptials. “So you want one of our sons – at 19 years old – to get married to stop our other son from committing incest? Are you listening to yourself?” Even Sonny had to take a drink after hearing that one.