Never leave yourself without an ally.

Here Tracy goes again, trying to take over ELQ. Surprising to her she didn’t get the vote she wanted. As Ava so aptly put it, you shouldn’t count those chicks before the eggs have hatched.

In 1996, Tracy joined forces with another in an attempted take-over of ELQ. At a time when numerous board members were non-relatives, Tracy banned together with one and it turned out to be her downfall. It resulted in one of her temporary exoduses from Port Charles after board members witnessed her being called out at a vote in the Q living room for putting the company in financial trouble. Her son Ned was furious with her for her part in alienating his pregnant wife, Lois, from the family. After Ned played a damaging audio tape of Tracy and Lois arguing, Edward gave Tracy one hour to pack her bags and leave.

There was no love lost that day when all were happy to say their goodbyes to Tracy. Even Lila was greatly disappointed of Tracy’s behavior that resulted in the loss of Lois who had become known as the heart of the family in the Quartermaine household. The family had no problem keeping the board member who was working with Tracy though. Do you remember who it was?