Plotting. (ABC)

“GH” Rundown for the week of July 22-26:

Despite a desperate engagement and an appearance from Diane, the most cheerful thing in town was Sam’s bubblegum-pink nails. From “P-Diddy” and Sabrina’s totally depressing tumor-tinged pillow talk to Taylor’s sad attempt at getting older male attention, Port Charles was a not-so-fun place to be this week. Maybe that’s why Mac wasn’t around to prevent underage drinking at the Rib and Anna was MIA during the whole Franco fiasco.

Or something.
As unromantic and inappropriate as Morgan’s proposal was, it had the delicious side benefit of sticking it to Ava. She was clutching that rocks glass like it was a couple of extra shares of ELQ. She’s the one who wanted them together to save her butt and now they are – ha! Now he’s calling Ava mom while holding out his hand for more money and deceiving his fiancée in the most disgusting way. Move over AJ – there’s a new screw up in the house and he isn’t even a Q.

And it was about time Morgan’s parents got mad at him about something. Maybe if they were a little tougher Morgan wouldn’t have gambled away $50,000 online. He was a student at prestigious Vanderbilt and now is living in the Quartermaine boathouse for goodness sakes. Although they have been lax now, when Carly and Sonny decide on something everyone in their way better watch out.

Gone away to die.
Laura got all up in Tracy’s face and it was about time we saw some real emotion from her. She seemed to just be going through the motions for months now, but the news of Luke’s poisoning seems to have finally snapped some passion and purpose into her return. Tracy needed to unload anyway – this was an unfair secret Luke asked her to keep. As for Scotty, when it comes to Luke and Laura he is always going to be second-best. He has spent too much of his life pining over someone who will always pine for another. And she should just stop leading him on and end it.