Real or not, it’s death defying.

A lot has happened on bridges in Port Charles. Recent events brought back memories of the sadness associated with Hangman’s bridge for Carly, Sam and others in relation to Jason. Franco may have thought Elizabeth died, but she almost did in the past during the reign of another maniac.

In 2008, Elizabeth nearly did meet her demise at Hangman’s bridge when Diego Alcazar was on the loose as the text message killer. He had just kidnapped Sam and thrown her in the trunk of his car. Elizabeth came upon him after he left Sam’s apartment. She was drugged and handcuffed in his car when she caused him to have an accident. They teetered near death over the side of the bridge before being rescued by Jason and Lucky.

The text message killer had over a dozen victims, most of who survived. Do you remember his last victim who didn’t survive? Vote now!