Humble beginnings.

In Sam’s search to learn the truth about her father, she started with the most logical source she could think of, her mother. For Alexis Davis, bringing up the past for her daughter Sam could not have been easy. Alexis may have been born the daughter of a prince, but her initial identity was that of someone who was a poor member of the family.

Law school was probably a piece of cake compared to living with Stavros Cassadine, her tormentor. It made it that much easier to embrace Stefan as her cousin despite the fact that he was her half-brother. Her father, Mikkos Cassadine, tried to protect her from Helena and sometimes from herself. Before 1981 when he came to Port Charles in his quest for world domination, or just to freeze everybody, Mikkos Cassadine was making the hard fatherly decisions. The one that Alexis regretted him making the most was taking her child from her after she got pregnant at 16. Mikkos wasn’t satisfied to just put her baby up for adoption though; he had a death certificate made out to claim her child had died.

What kind of a father would let his daughter believe her child was dead? It would take the same type of man who would marry a woman who’d kill your mother in front of you. Her amnesia following the death of her mother at the hands of her father’s jealous wife, Helena Cassadine, reinforced her belief that she was poor and was among strangers, just as her father wanted it. Good thing Luke Spencer helped Alexis remember that she was Natasha Cassadine later. Enough about Alexis’ father…do you remember her mother, Kristin? Poor Alexis probably doesn’t since she was a child when Helena murdered her. Vote now!