When all else is lost, there is hope.

Any one related to a Quartermaine or Cassadine is visiting GH to volunteer to be tested as a bone-marrow transplant donor for Sam and Jason’s baby, Daniel Edward Morgan. Alexis went out of her way to save Sam from the nasty task of approaching Franco to ask for his help and knows what it is like to fight for a child’s life having been in a similar situation before.

In 2003, after Sam found her way into Port Charles, she ended up pregnant with Sonny’s child after a one-night stand. During the same time period Alexis learned Kristina, the child she claimed was Ned’s instead of Sonny’s, had a blood disease. Alexis was desperate and begged Sam for help when she learned she was carrying Sonny’s child who would then be related to Kristina. She went so far as to ask Sam to induce labor early to obtain the stem cells necessary to save Kristina. Sam would never attempt a procedure that would harm her baby and refused Alexis’ request. Unfortunately Sam delivered early anyway and gave birth to a stillborn baby girl. Kristina was saved.

Sam didn’t just stroll back into Port Charles by herself. If you remember why she returned, you might remember the person who brought her. Vote!