Sparking. (ABC)

“GH” Rundown for the week of July 1-5:

Delicious deception and following your passion were the driving forces for the citizens of Port Charles this week, with just about everyone trying their hand at one, the other, or both. Despite the short week there was still plenty of fireworks thanks to Kiki’s 50 shades in the boathouse and Lucy’s revival of cosmetics company and spa Deception.

Baby love.
Lulu’s joy over having a little girl was so infectious it was great to see Olivia, Sonny and Luke – all people in need of a pick-me-up – revel in the moment as well.

Danny’s donor.
Nothing ramps up family tensions and inspires new loyalties like saving the life of a family member. If Franco is a match, it poses another opportunity for redemption. For Kiki, it’s another way to make her shine in Michael’s eyes. Of course, with all of the Qs out there the possibilities are endless. Who do you think will be a match for Danny? Vote below.

Kinky with Kiki.
Michael really tells AJ everything, including all the dirty details about lusting after his cousin. Hey, there’s no judgement there. We loved the conversation between these two about the semantics of what being topless meant. AJ: “What exactly does that mean?” Michael: “What do you think that means? She wasn’t wearing a shirt.” AJ: “No bra?” Michael: “No.” Adding humor to it all is his constant denial about his closeness to Kiki to anyone who even crosses his path. Too bad no one is buying it. Meanwhile, Morgan stepped it up getting all kinky in the boathouse, which really only gave Kiki free reign to fantasize about Michael while leaving the viewer in anticipation for him to walk in on her tied up. We were not disappointed – cousins or not, these two are super hot. Watching Michael alone under the fireworks brought back memories of his first kiss with Starr last year at the same spot.

Alexis has some serious issues, forcing Shawn to quit Sonny while she kept him on as a client. Agreeing to both stop working for Sonny would have been the mature thing to do and we are glad Shawn called her out on it, even if he went along with her way anyway. Alexis pushes for the upper hand in every relationship and actually seemed shocked when he defied her.