Partnering in perfume is a smelly business.

When Laura was approached by Lucy to partner with her on Deception, Laura was hesitant with good reason. The very thought probably gave Scott pause as well if he took a walk down memory lane to Laura’s first attempt to run the same business.

In 2000, Laura couldn’t buy Deception on her own and approached Sonny for financial backing. He was eager to help and agreeable to not using the business as a front to launder money. Meanwhile, Sonny’s wife Carly was shopping for a job and being the thoughtful husband he was he used the opportunity to negotiate for a job. Laura was immediately put off at the idea but that didn’t stop Sonny. They finally came to terms where Laura owned 50% of the company and Carly owned 49%. Sonny took 1% ownership of the company as a silent partner as insurance for Laura that Carly wouldn’t become a problem. Of course this all was a problem for Carly.

The two could not get along and arguments ensued over the size of Carly’s office space to who the new face of Deception would be before its launch. Carly went so far as to have Laura locked out on the roof of their office building during a major event where she changed all the media materials to take the company in the direction she wanted to go despite what Laura wanted.

Vote if you remember who the person was that divided Laura and Carly when it came to the look of Deception.