Get a job.

Kiki may have been invited into the Quartermaine home, but no one has yet to invite her into the family business. Tracy and AJ have their own ideas about what to do with ELQ if they can even save it and Kiki hasn’t played much into the equation despite everyone wanting her shares. Perhaps it’s time for Kiki to earn her keep another way.

Getting a job would be a great way for Kiki to branch out and meet the people of Port Charles. Perhaps it might even be a way for her to get to know Morgan’s parents. There are plenty of jobs to go around lately. Carly could use help at the Metro Court with Olivia being laid up, and Maxie must be ready for maternity leave soon which would leave Connie high and dry without an assistant to boss around.

Give us your thoughts on where you’d like to see Port Charles’ newest resident punching the time clock.