Credit: Forgive and forget? (ABC)

“GH” Rundown for the week of June 24 – 28:

The summer fun continues in Port Charles. Secrets were revealed, but left us with more questions than answers. Here’s how the drama unfolded this week.

Something old, something new.
We were treated to some of our favorite old characters, while new ones also were brought to the forefront. It is always great to see old favorites such as Felicia, Mac, Duke, Anna, Luke, Laura, Scott and Lucy getting screen time. It is fun to see Lucy with something to do now that the Nurses Ball is over. It will be fun to see how Lucy and Laura work together. The scenes with Anna and Luke really moved me this week. Anna immediately wanted to help her old friend and former hookup. Speaking of something old, I was actually happy to see Helena’s face via her taped speech. She’s twisted for sure, but it’s still fun to see her and Luke go at it. Of course she would be the one behind his illness. I’m surprised she wasn’t behind the hit against Franco, too, since she’s behind so many other scams.

Scene stealers.
On the heels of last week’s blog, Tracy is consistently one of my favorite performers week in and week out. She may be rough around the edges sometimes, but her intentions are always from a good place, at least from her perspective. Watching her try to force Luke to get help for his health was great viewing. Those two have such a great rapport with one another. I also find myself waiting for scenes with Felix because he’s so darned funny. He’s another character who fights fiercely for those he loves. His brotherly exchange with Taylor provided a different glimpse at his character and hopefully will start to give him more of his own storyline.

Fast forward please.
It’s obvious that Connie, Olivia and Sonny are headed for triangle territory. This doesn’t interest me. Connie made it clear she had to move on for her health, and Olivia is a chapter in an old book that wasn’t that great of a read. It was revealed that Kelly Sullivan (Connie) would be exiting her role when her contract is up, so that makes this storyline even less interesting. Let’s find Sonny a more exciting love affair. Who would you like to see Sonny paired up with?

Back off.
Kiki and Michael have decided it would be best to keep their distance from one another. It’s really quite a shame they are related, as their chemistry is off the charts. Plus, the Kiki and Morgan pairing does absolutely nothing for me. I’m just not warming up to this Morgan yet. He’s a bit self-absorbed right now. Hopefully, that will change.

So, Carly is off the hook from her disastrous turn as a mob mom. Hopefully, she’ll learn her lesson. I’m relieved for Shawn. Knowing that Ava was behind the hit herself makes her character all the more complex and interesting. She definitely has guts. It will also be interesting to see where her deal with Franco takes them, since they both know what the other is capable of doing. A hookup that would be fun to see is Carly and Ava as new best friends. Can you imagine the fun those two would have wreaking havoc throughout Port Charles?