There’s something dodgy about that gal.

Duke recently had the pleasure to make Ava Jerome’s acquaintance and the mention of her last name didn’t go unnoticed. She denied having mobster relations, but Duke found her a bit dodgy. When Anna heard, she got a little worried and didn’t want Duke to end up back in the mob like before. The last time Duke was pulled into the mob it was all because of her.

Duke hooked up with the Jerome family back in 1988 following the kidnapping of Anna. He was desperate to do anything and knew the Jerome mob family had the connections he needed that would lead him to his missing wife. After Anna was found though, there was no getting out. Victor promised to legitimize the family business after taking care of their enemy, the Carter family. It seemed Olivia Jerome wanted to take over the business herself and set the trap to kill her brother Julian at the meeting. He survived the hit and Victor allowed Julian to fake his death. Things backfired for Olivia and Victor’s other child, Dino, gunned her down. She became another survivor but was institutionalized.

Let’s test your “GH” history. Do you remember…