Credit: Hanging on for Sonny? (ABC)

“GH” Rundown for the week of June 17-21:

You can’t go wrong with the classics and “GH” took full advantage this week with shows chock full of Daytime themes that are tried and true for darn good reason… They are totally compelling! Redemption vs. revenge, sibling rivalry, love gone bad, hospital bed vigils, the search for justice, forbidden lust and even a bit of Alice the Dominator were enough to make Port Charles more than worth spending five hours in this week.

Young love.
Rafe and Molly were just so sweet together on non-prom night and are really a better match than her and TJ right now. While they used to work, TJ is too jealous and Molly is too introverted to keep this going much longer. But that’s the thing about young love – you grow up, you change interests and you move on. So let’s move on from these two already. Too bad Taylor is so intolerable or I’d be happy about TJ’s new lady friend too. What exactly is she holding against Felix anyway?

Alexis’ naiveté.
Did Alexis seriously not know what “working for Sonny” meant to Shawn, her ex-mercenary boyfriend, until Olivia got shot? That must be one heck of a meat loaf bahn mi he whips up for her to have been so delusional. As for Shawn, this shooting could possibly be the best thing to have happened to his character in a while. We haven’t really gotten to see too much character development with him, but now between the flashbacks about his accidental shooting of TJ’s father and his interactions with Carly, Sonny and Alexis about his guilt, it has helped create some much-needed layers beyond his incredible abs. He should certainly not take the fall for Carly though. She gets away with far too much.

Nik’s insurance policy.
Ouch! From ogling Nik’s wet abs to getting slapped in the face with his secret recording about AJ’s tryst with Carly, Liz’s world can’t stay happy for one second. AJ’s last chance with her might have just been used up.

Family dynamics.
AJ and Morgan. Franco and AJ. Michael and AJ. Kiki and Michael. All of the sudden we have some seriously interesting familial tension going on at the Q estate that is sure to give Monica and Tracy a run for their money. That living room where all was revealed was so fraught with tension, disgust and shock it really amped up new versions of old dynamics. Well done.

But if there’s anything better than family tension it’s sexual tension. Maybe it’s because we know the actors are a couple off screen, but the chemistry between Kiki and Michael was pretty off the charts this week. Their kiss on Monday was super hot, and the tension was not lost on Morgan. So when he was able to announce to Kiki that Michael was her cousin was pure eyebrow-wagging goodness. Side note: No one can ever top Michael with a crazy story. Your father is a back-from-the-dead psycho? His too.