It was most unbecoming and unlike Shawn to attack someone the way he did with Alexis recently. He may not have liked her cross-examination but that was no reason for him to throw her past up in her face. She was right; the guilt over shooting Olivia was eating him alive. Misery loves company, and if she couldn’t forget and forgive him of his crimes, he wasn’t about to do the same.

In 2010, Alexis and her family were dealt a blow when Kristina began dating Kiefer Bauer. To most, including Alexis, he appeared to be the most well-bred individual in Port Charles. To Kristina, he was someone to be feared. Internally, Kristina waged a struggle between love and fear until Alexis was the one to find her beaten near to death one evening. She rushed Kristina to the hospital and hardly gave a thought to what she hit in the road on the way to GH to get help for Kristina. She was later accused of running down Kiefer.

Alexis always wanted her daughters to do the right thing, but did she? Vote if you remember how Alexis paid for her crime.