My home is your home.

Don’t think that the addition of Franco, Kiki/Lauren and Morgan are too much for the Quartermaine mansion. There’s always room for one more. Unless Monica has any wayward family members who are displaced and looking for a home, there’s sure to be another Quartermaine looking for a place to stay. Better yet, how about a business associate?

ELQ must be short on funding, surely Duke can’t pay rent. I’m sure Tracy would love to run into him during breakfast in the morning. Maybe Luke would get jealous and move back. Not by invitation mind you, Alice is sure to sneak him in when no one is looking. Carly might want to be with her boys, or Ava could want to reconcile with Kiki/Lauren. Maybe Carly’d have to bump into AJ’s girlfriend, Elizabeth. Nikolas might want to keep an eye on his investment in TAQ, or Elizabeth’s comings and goings there as well. Everybody would be tripping over Franco, because Franco is going to be in the way for a while.

The possibilities are endless. Let us know who you want to see knocking at the Quartermaine door next.