Credit: Leaving the terrace. (ABC)

“GH” Rundown for the week of June 10 – 14:

For the most part, this week lacked humor. The show was dark, and for a moment one could have thought they were watching a different soap for characters who seemed not quite who they used to be. Lulu was alien, while Franco had more human characteristics than the entire Quartermaine family put together which made him very likeable.

Come together.
Patrick and Sabrina fans waited so long for these two to consummate their relationship. It wasn’t exactly romance at its best. Luckily the dessert at home was better than the conversation over dinner. Overall, Sabrina lacked enough maturity to compliment Patrick as an equal. It makes Patrick seem like an old fogey and us long for Robin’s return. The only thing redeeming quality is the fact that it keeps Patrick away from Britt.

Roomies, the sequel.
How bad could it be to be alone with Britt? It was bad enough for me to feel sorry for her. All she had to do was mention her evil parents and I longed for a fairytale ending for her. If only Nurse Felix had a better bedside manner and listened more than he lectured, they could find some common ground. Usually when people are forced into close living quarters, you learn something juicy about them. Not the case so far. Taylor will probably teach us a thing or two about Felix…will Britt school us on what it was like growing up a Faison? Felix’s summation that it was a “Rocky Horror Picture Show” and “Austin Powers” mash up was just the tip of the iceberg. Give us more!

“I can cook.”
No Lulu can’t. At least Duke and Emma gave us some comic relief playing dress up along with Alice strong-arming Franco for a few laughs. Now that Lulu has remembered her life, it seems as if this really isn’t our Lulu. It feels like the character is going through a metamorphosis of some kind that we are not privy to. She’s becoming the dutiful wife and is relaxed and less jaded. This isn’t unusual in many cases of amnesia.