Enter at your own risk.

The women of Port Charles need to stay off terraces. It’s better to wine and dine inside at the Metro Court than it is to go out on the terrace. Olivia wasn’t the first person shot on a terrace and in all likelihood she might not be the last.

In May 2006, an elegantly dressed Sam McCall couldn’t wait to meet Jason Morgan on the terrace during a fundraiser to build a new research wing at GH in honor of the late Dr. Tony Jones. The evening included a bizarre charity auction where the ladies of Port Charles pulled names from a bowl and were each ill-matched to someone they were too young or old for, or to someone they loathed. Sam was paired with Ric Lansing. Meanwhile Jason was at the PCPD being interrogated by the police commissioner.

Late in the evening, Jason waited on the terrace smartly dressed in his black leather jacket. Sam couldn’t resist a quick walk to rush into her lover’s arms. Jason held her tight and swung her around in the moonlight. As if Jason heard the sound, he looked up above and then back down at Sam and found her wounded. Jason blamed himself for the shooting because of the business he was in. While taking over Sonny’s territory, Jason was making enemies fast.

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